Pre Operative Instructions

Once your surgery has been scheduled, it is time for you to get prepared for the surgery. The pre-operative stage is very crucial and certain lifestyle, dietary and other changes can improve the outcome of the surgery.  Adequate information about the surgical procedure, expected outcomes, as well as understanding the risks and complications can help you face the challenges of surgery and assist in a smooth recovery.

Before surgery, your doctor will perform a complete physical examination to make sure you don't have any conditions that could interfere with the surgery or the outcomes. Routine tests, such as most of the blood tests and X-rays, are usually performed a week before surgery.

Important things you should know before the surgery are:

  • Obtain information about the surgical procedure from your doctor
  • Have someone available to take you home; you will not be able to drive for at least 24 hours after the surgery
  • Put items that you use often within easy reach before surgery so you won't have to exert yourself to reach them post-surgery.
  • Buy food that is easy to prepare and healthy to consume during your recovery.
  • Clean the house before going to the hospital so you won’t have to focus on that during your recovery.
  • Start strengthening exercises to help strengthen the muscles that support your joints.
  • Discuss any medications you are taking with your doctor to see which ones you should stop taking before surgery.

Get all your questions addressed with your surgeon before you go for surgery.

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